New artworks and the expanded Berlin Mural Map

Its time for the next part of the "Berlin Streetart Images" series, including great artworks from Pilzator, Otto Schade, Victor Ash, EinsA, TANTE,OstAPArt, EigenArt, and lots of others. Among the pasteups, stencils and graffitis there are also three murals which have been added to the Berlin Mural Map, the project i introduced recently.

Up to now the Berlin Mural Map contains twenty-nine murals. There are still some missing but most of them will be complemented step by step during the coming weeks.

RIP - Robi The Dog

Recently some sad event happened. A well known streetart artist from Switzerland died a few weeks ago. His pseudonym was "Robi the dog" and he was one of the most impressive artists whose fantastic artworks decorated the streets of Berlin over the last years. I did not met him in person but have been fascinated and excited by his unmistakable style of work. I made snapshots of his work whenever i found something for round about the last three years and want to show it to you in commemoration. In remembrance of Robi The Dog.

RobiTheDog on flickr

RobiTheDog on facebook


The Berlin "MuralMap" Special

About the mural map... A Spain based friend of mine, living in Berlin since many years, does exciting sightseeing tours by bike. Especially some so called streetart tour. When we met last time, he asked me about the most interesting murals i know, distributed over Berlins metropolitan area, in order to improve and upgrade the experience of his participants. At the end i promised to prepare some map for him with the locations i would recommend.

Afterwards, at home again, worked a few hours on this "project", i decided to make the result public and write some article about it here. So from now on you will find some static link in the sidebar to be able to use it whenever you want. The map will be complemented with new information if there are new murals spotted.

If you are interested in Berlins streetart generally, not only in murals, fell free to check the complete DSBLN - Berlin Streetart Gallery with hundreds of images, made during the last years.